"To meet the charm of the five exhibition enterprises", the bright staff experience the family music

On April 29, lanxi light electronic wire co., LTD., to carry out the "towards the May Day exhibition enterprise charm" as the theme of the farmhouse, family members and part of the employees in lanxi took part in the activities, the atmosphere is warm, a lot of small activity, good results have been achieved, activity shows the worker solidarity, the spirit of striving forward to send a "spring breeze" for the next work.

Picking FuPenZi

Organic activities for employees and families into nature, breathe the fresh air, experience the original ecological health fruit picking and let employees feel peasant atmosphere and enjoy picking pollution-free natural fruit. Among them are lu xun's FuPenZi, farmers' eggs, mulberry fruit, cherries and so on.

Pick up eggs

This activity, both experienced the activities of the family music, gained the relaxation of the work, improved the team cohesion, the employees all claimed to be on the trip!

Pick berries and cherries

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