Fly the mood,visit the zhujiwuxie

In order to set up the consciousness of team, strengthen team cohesion, and motivate employees to keep full enthusiasm and the best working state, the light electronic wire co., LTD., adhering to the idea of "happy work, happy life", recently organize workshop employees to zhuji five drain outdoor play activities.

In the event, every employee was alive and well and was close to nature.There is a "little wild goose", which gives employees the ability to experience ecology while enhancing their health and breathing fresh air.During the visit, the employees helped each other and talked with each other and improved the mutual understanding and friendship.The comfortable environment of the various and the five releases can relax the body and mind and release the stress while relieving fatigue.Activities for staff to create a tension busy outside of work stress relief opportunities and space, deepen mutual understanding, enhance both the feelings, and increase the cohesion of the team, inspired everyone's morale and enthusiasm for work, concentrate better in the future work, for personal growth and the development of the company inject new strength.

Photos of bright electronics employees

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