Cable material (aluminum) weekly report

Industry hotspot concerned

1、About 1.613 million tons of anode production in March 2017, anode is expected in March exports about 100000 tons, domestic anode consumption of about 1.5 million tons, from the perspective of supply and demand, the Chinese market anode production can meet the required for electrolytic aluminium production, but now have some aluminium factory and production idea, has been looking for the right anode partners, and some aluminum plant worry about heating season comes, carbon industry limited production, limited due to the electrolytic aluminium production, also have the idea of hoarding anode, so the Chinese market overall performance anode supply tight, the manufacturers almost no inventory.

2、China's general administration of customs announced on April 13, China's exports in March 41 tons of aluminum and aluminum, not forged export aluminium and aluminium not forged in February 26 tons, 1 - march aluminum exports of 106 tons, not forged in the same period last year accumulative total of 108 tons, down 1.6% year on year.

3、Jiaozuo ten thousand party released late on April 13, 2017 in the first quarter earnings forecast, preliminary estimates by the financial department, company is expected to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is: 30 million yuan - 33 million yuan. Loss in the same period of last year: 29.343 million yuan. Company said performance changes reasons: 1, the current company aluminium product price rose. 2, the current company affiliated company benefits rose, the company confirmed investment income rose. 3, this period because of interest-bearing debt fell, interest payments fell.

4、It is reported, in the first quarter, shaanxi nonferrous group realized total revenue of 31.14 billion yuan. Realize the profit tax of 1.24 billion yuan, up 258%; Profit totaled 230 million yuan, up by 217%; Production of ten kinds of non-ferrous metal a total of 328000 tons, up 5.5% from a year earlier, overfulfilled quarter after beyond the target.

5、BMI Research, said in a report, in the next few months, China's nickel ore and bauxite imports will increase, because the domestic metal producers in Indonesia ore export ban to ease, to increase imports. Indonesia introduced at the beginning of 2014 the export ban after Indonesia is the largest supplier of nickel ore and bauxite. BMI, said: "since 2018, ore imports will slow, due to the heavy industry to service industry, as China's economic growth engine, nickel refining and refining aluminum demand in China will be reduced."

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