Identify the wirecable is "national standard" or "non-standard" only five steps

With the development of the industry, the increasing need of wire and cable, a lot of manufacturers see business opportunities, causing the wire and cable manufacturers more and more species is becoming more and more complete, but how do we choose quality of wire and cable, or say how can we distinguish between wire and cable is "gb" and "non-standard", welding machine cable company teach you five strokes:

A look. Depends on the wire and cable products quality system certification, whether certification specifications, the producer name and address, JianYanZhang, production date, to see whether a trademark on the wire, specifications, voltage, etc. Also look at copper wire cross-sectional, classy article copper color brightness, colour and lustre downy, otherwise it is defective.

The second try. Recommend a wire head bent repeatedly with the hand, all soft, good fatigue strength, plastic or rubber elasticity and feel no cracks on wire insulation, is classy article.

Three weigh. Good quality wire and cable, the weight of the average weight per 100 m within the prescribed scope. Such as commonly used cross-sectional area was 1.5 plastic insulation sheet copper core, weight 1.8 1.9 kg per 100 m; 2.5 was plastic insulation sheet copper core, weight per 100 m to 3-3.1 kg; 4.0 was plastic insulation sheet copper core, weight 4.4 4.6 kg per 100 m, etc. Weight shortage, poor quality of the wire or length is not enough, or too many wire and copper impurities.

Four than price. Because of fake and shoddy wire production costs low, therefore, traders in sales, often under the guise of a low price and competitive prices continues to boost sales, make people fall for it. When buying, therefore, be careful, don't let business brand of "bargain", cheated in the end.

5 the copper. Qualified copper wire and copper should be purple, luster, feel soft. And and inferior copper wire copper core for violet black, yellow or white, impurities, poor mechanical strength, toughness, and hold that could break, and wire inside often break phenomenon. Check, you as long as a head of the wire strip away a moment, and then with a piece of white paper on the copper core rub slightly, if have black on white paper material, show more impurities in copper core, can be regarded as "non-standard" wire and cable.

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