The cable oxygen-free copperall the resistance of the copper why differ so much?

Material for the cable in the process of transmission is plays a very important factor, general material divided into silvering copper clad aluminum, copper clad steel, copper, bronze, oxygen-free copper.

Cable transmission distance and the resistance has a lot to do, and the resistance and the material also has a lot to do. Of (among) all the material, all the resistance of the copper to the highest and lowest oxygen-free copper resistance. But the oxidation resistance of copper and oxygen free copper completely is high, service life is longer.

Full copper cables and oxygen-free copper cables are copper cable, in the 300 - meter resistance test, all the resistance of the copper cable is as high as about 150 ohms, and oxygen-free copper cable generally within 30 ohms. All copper general furthest distance is 80 meters, and the oxygen free copper cable is can reach 100-150 meters. (transmission distance and cable resistance, resistance of cable material and cable wire diameter size also have relations.

All copper cable is also called copper clad copper cable, refers to the internal material is bronze, on the surface of the bronze anaerobic copper plating layer on layer, because signal transmission, mainly on the surface of a conductor on oxygen free copper plating layer is in order to better improve the effect of transmission, bronze is actually secondary recovery of copper, the impurity content of more, so its resistance is quite high.

Oxygen-free copper copper of high purity, is the best material in integrated wiring, low resistance, good transmission effect, international standard network cable super class 5 and class 6 line are oxygen-free copper qualitative, but should pay attention to when choosing a oxygen-free copper cable, oxygen-free copper cable is a cable core thickness, super 5 kinds of cable core line generally from 0.4 to 0.51 mm, six types of cable from 0.52 ~ 0.58 mm.

Silvering copper clad aluminum cables and copper cable because its aluminum qualitative physical properties, the transmission distance is further, silvering copper cable can even transfer to 150 meters, but can only be used in the short term wiring project.

All the oxidation resistance of copper is good, life is long, but it probably transmission distance, oxygen-free copper cable is suitable for the size in the engineering, stable transmission, far away.

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