What is the new materialcables sheath, 60 degrees70 degrees line skin the difference?

Cable new material is PVC material, it is in the cable skin better material, relatively poor cable skin is 2, is the old material. On the toughness, colour and lustre is not new. Line of the new skin color bright luster, and is expected to line skin is relatively bleak.

Cortical mainly protect the internal wire core, the new material skin beneficial for cable tensile sex, when guy, more effectively protect the conductor is pulled. Two is expected to be in order to reduce the cost of the cable, in anti-aging and tensile way better than new material.

According to the wiring environment, have a certain request for wire and cable production, general electric wire electric cable 60/70 degrees PVC sheathed can meet the requirements, medium voltage cable material with 90 degrees, if the top of motor working temperature is high, that is about 105 PVC cable sheath material production.

Cable sheath material in 60 degrees and 70 degrees, the main plastic dosage and temperature resistant level is different, the higher the degree, the higher wear resistance, the closer line skin tissue, the higher the cost.

70 degrees of material of high purity, the weight of the skin can tap, and 60 degrees of material to a certain impurities, weight focus instead. But both of the 70 - degree high durability, toughness is stronger.

Cable is divided into indoor cable and outdoor cable, two kinds of cable sheath is different, because the wiring outdoor environment is changeable, will meet or force majeure factors. Outdoor cable sheath is a layer of black block water PE material. There is a layer of waterproof layer inside. Outside line of two layers of skin compressive tensile, waterproof sunscreen.

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